Shared Ownership

Buying and Selling a Shared Ownership Property

Shared Ownership properties are in the main, available only through Registered Social Housing Providers such as Housing Associations, which provide affordable housing through government funding. There are other Shared Ownership Schemes available through some developers and other private housing organizations.

The Advantages of Shared Ownership

In a market of rapidly rising property prices, a Shared Ownership property may be the only chance for buyers on low to middle incomes may have to get on the property ladder.

The Disadvantages of Shared Ownership

At first sight, Shared Ownership appears to be the solution for all those on a low to middle income who are unable to find affordable accommodation, however as with all house purchase schemes there is always a downside.

What is a Shared Ownership Property

In the first decade of this century, house prices rose by 91% such an unprecedented rise changed the nature of the housing market beyond recognition taking the cost of purchasing a house out of the reach of many low to middle income earners and their families and changing the demographic of huge sections of the country.


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