Identifying and Managing Risks To A Property

Does being in a flood area affect the value of a house ?

In their publication ‘ A clear guide to flooding for Property owners’ The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (‘ RICS’) state that flood risk does reduce the value of a property when the property is compared to a similar property which does not suffer from a flood risk.

Easements Part I – Rights over neighboring land

A common issue in Conveyancing is the presence of or the absence of, rights in favor of another (usually the neighboring land ) or for the benefit of the property known as ‘Easements’ over the land being sold or bought.

Easements Part II – How is an Easement created?

The rules governing the existence of an easement were laid down in the case of Re Ellenborough Park. For an easement to be established there must be a ‘dominant tenement‘)and a ‘servient tenement’– this means that there must be one property that benefits from the easement and one property that is burdened by the same easement.

Factors That May Have an Adverse Effect on the Value of Your Property

There are several factors which may have a detrimental effect on the value of your property some of these factors are well within your control as Occupier and owner of the property but unfortunately there are a significant number of factors which may not be under your direct control.

How Do I know if my Property is at risk of flooding?

The extent to which a property is at risk of flooding is linked to the location of the property – that seems straight forward, don’t buy a house near a river or on the coast if you do not want to be at risk of flooding – simple – or is it?

Importance of Environment Searches

When purchasing a property it’s important to be aware of any defects, not only in the title to the property, and any buildings on the property (such as the dwelling house itself), but also the land on which it has been built.

Newbuild Flood Risk Insurance Hike

After the 2007 floods the buildings insurance industry threatened to withdraw flood cover from home insurance policies where the property was in ‘significant’ risk of flooding ( 1 in 75 years risk or more ).

Protecting your Home for Cold Weather

The days are getting shorter and colder, which means Jack Frost is at your door and he’s looking to freeze your pipes and give you the flu for the New Year.

The Hidden Flood Risk - Surface Water flooding

Surface water flooding is when there is an overflow of water from the drains and sewers when they are no longer able to cope with the level or frequency of water draining into them, usually during prolonged , heavy rainfall.


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