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The Effect of the Election on the Property Market

As the election comes ever closer the effect of the election on the property market is becoming more and more pronounced.

Developers Devouring London

London is now in the grip of the big developers and foreign investors. Having previously been ruled by the banks, the skyline of London is now ruled by the big corporate and international developers, leaving many property market pundits wondering whether the Banking Crash is to be replaced with the Property Developer’s crash.

UK Housing Crisis: What Housing Crisis

England is in the midst of a housing crisis that has evolved through the generations as the demand for housing far outstrips supply. On average 125,000 new houses are built per year in England, whereas the minimum requirement for the burgeoning population is 250,000 per year. The direct result of this is that house prices are spiralling out of the reach of the average working person, people are being locked out of home ownership, and locked into a life of continuing uncertainty in the private rental market. House prices have more than doubled in the last 40 years even allowing for inflation.

Spiralling House Prices in the UK

During 2013 housing prices in London rose by around £40,000 for the average flat or house, the cost of a typical London home to just above £475,000, by 2015 the average London home is valued at £500,000.

The Effect of Fracking on House Prices

A common view is to see the Social Housing as a distinct and separate entity to the private housing market - there is an US and THEM such view often predicated by assertions of the superiority of those owner occupiers in private housing.

What is the Effect of a Looming General Election on the Property Market?

On 7th May 2015 the British Voters will make their way to the Polling Stations up and down the country for the General Election. What are the likely effects of the upcoming election on the Property Market both before and after the General Election?


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